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Multiple TeamViewer icons on Mac dock macOS 10.14 Mojave

When Team Viewer opens automatically after reboot, two and sometimes three TeamViewer icons appear in the dock. How can I reduce them to one icon and still assure that it opens automatically in reboot?



  • DepoDepo Posts: 1

    Same problem here: when i open Team Viewer from launchpad or from the dock icon it creates another icon on the dock from which starts...

  • estarnestarn Posts: 2

    Has anyone found a resolution to this? I assume it's Mojave that is creating this issue. Having many instances of Teamviewer is getting pretty annoying with having to "remove from dock" each time a new icon appears..

  • SivaSiva Posts: 3

    It happens on High Sierra too.

  • come on Teamviewer.  This is a known issue and has been happening for months.  What gives?

  • estarnestarn Posts: 2

    It's obvious that Teamviewer doesn't care about this issue... Issue has been going on for several months and is honestly tiring.

  • same thing with Catalina, smh

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