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Translation of fields


I have the same problem.

First, the customer portal was configurated in French. I wanted to change to English and some expressions are still in French instead of English.

On the welcome page:

- Submit a new ticket is in French

- My tickets is in French

When I create a ticket, the following part are still in French instead of English:

- Create a new ticket

- Requester

- Reception box

I already put the language in English in Edit the profile.

Finally, I can modify or add a help in the ticket fields "description".

Thanks for your help.



  • Hi

    We will check the mentioned flow and will get back to you.

    Product Owner
  • Hello,

    I still don't an answer. It is quite urgent because we would like to lauch the ticket support as soon as possible.

    Could you please answer to my questions?



  • Hi

    Please change language to English in profile settings and in General settings as well, then logout and login to customer portal and check language of buttons again.

    After doing above actions please do let us know about the result.



    Product Owner
  • Hello,

    I did what you asked me. I also empty the cache just in case.

    And I still have the parts I mentionned in French.

    Could you please give us a quick solution?

    Thanks. Best

  • For people who faced similiar issue please try to change your browser language to English.



    Product Owner
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