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Keyboard mapping Issues

Situation 1:
Connect from Linux TV 14.0.14470 to OSX  14.0.13880. On remote machine Run Virtualbox, inside Virtualbox, the keys are incorrectly mapped (e.g. not working Enter key). Wrong mappings are also if one runs just Terminal on the remote OSX eg. "t is translated as "'t.

Situation 2:
Connect from Windows 10 TV latest as of this post to the same OSX. On remote machine Run Virtualbox, inside virtualbox, the keys are mapped correctly (Enter works etc.). Also Terminal on OSX has correct key bindings.

This suggest that the issue is not relevant directly to Virtualbox but rather Teamviewer on Linux. It would be great to finally get a working TV for Linux and not still some Alpha preview version. Really, if the developers are unable to provide full functional TV for Linux at least make those functions that you implement work properly.



  • Same problem here for months : Enter, backspace and Tab keys don't work on a Linux controlling a OS/X. Also Control key is not sent nor numbers. For numbers I have to mitigate : with some computers (OS/X), I can type the numbers on the Number pad. But I can NEVER use shift+top row to get numbers.
  • agmf
    agmf Posts: 1

    I am encountering nearly the exact same issues:

    1. Connecting to a Mac OS machine, the enter key does not work (tried on multiple macs)

    2. Connecting to a Linux machine running VMWare workstation. The issue affects the guest VM running on the remote machine: keys will map correctly but at seemingly random interval the Shift key will incorrectly map. I will be unable to enter any characters that require holding Shift (such as capital letters or special symbols above the number keys) when this occurs. Sometimes I can use the machine for hours with no issue, other times it will occur as soon as I connect.

  • ReneS
    ReneS Posts: 1

    Same issue: connecting to a Mac from Linux i cannot use enter key...

  • Same here - on Linux to Mac, the Enter and backspace  keys do not work.

  • I am using TeamViewer 15.8.3 and I am having the same issues. When connected to macOS, keys are not mapped correctly. For example,  delete key and key combinations are not mapped correctly. Is there a solution in sight? I just bought a subscription to TeamViewer before I realized that I cannot use it with Linux. Connecting from Windows 10 with the same TeamViewer version to the same macOS machine works without any problems!


  • Keyboard mappings from Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (client) to macOS (Catalina 10.15.6) are incorrect. It gets even worse when accessing another linux OS running on virtualbox on the macOS host. In that case, Enter, Delete, Backspace or any Ctrl-x combinations will not work. 

    Interestingly, there are no problems at all with keyboard mappings from the Chrome App extension running on Ubuntu. Also, connecting to macOS from the Windows 10 TeamViewer Desktop App works: All keys map correctly. So, there is something going on with the Keyboard mappings on the TeamViewer Linux Desktop versions. Has anyone at TeamViewer investigated this issue since it has been reported two years ago?

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