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Allow Visitor Access without Revealing Password

Hi;  Business user here.  I have created an msi to allow access to my work stations from my account.  Now, I have a software company wanting to use TeamViewer to provide support and they are asking for my ID and password.  I don't have a problem giving them the ID but I do have a problem with the password.  What is the solution for how to get around this?



  • larmstrong
    larmstrong Posts: 5 ✭✭

    I should clarify, I created an exe file, not an msi file.  Further, any of the reading I have been doing points to needing a different module installed - perhpas Quick Start module?  However, the yser is not permitted to install a different module, unless they close the first instance.  They are not permitted to close the host module.  So, what is the solution?

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