Sunsetting active servicing of operating systems (XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008)

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Dear Community members,

We would like to announce that as of April 2019, TeamViewer will no longer be actively servicing Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

After Microsoft ended their official mainstream support for Windows Vista in 2012 and Windows XP in 2014, TeamViewer will stop the active servicing of those operating systems after additional 7 and 5 years respectively.  

Stopping the active servicing of an operating system means that no updates or fixes which are specific to these operating systems will be implemented.

What does this mean if you are running Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 as an operating system?

You can continue using the last supported version of TeamViewer – version 14.2 – on these operating systems. But please be aware that outgoing connections from TeamViewer can only connect to a remote device running the same or lower version of TeamViewer. This means you won’t be able to connect from Windows XP/Vista/2003/2008 to a remote computer running TeamViewer 15, for example. However, incoming connections to XP/Vista/2003/2008 from a remote computer with a higher version of TeamViewer are always possible.

We generally recommend to only run current operating systems and software versions. So please make sure to update to the most recent version of Windows and TeamViewer.

To see a full list of our supported operating systems by TeamViewer, please see our Knowledge Base article here: Which operating systems are supported

For downloads from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 you get the correct TeamViewer version here automatically. 

Thanks and all the best,


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  • Esther
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    Hi @dhagmar 

    Thanks for your post.

    Yes - with a license you can use an older TeamViewer version without the time limitation. 

    Please feel free to order your license for your laboratory on our webshop or give my colleagues in Sales a call.



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    thank you for suggesting that we use an earlier version.

    HOWEVER, Teamviewer is force upgrading everyone to version 14 currently (i am now limited to a 5 minute connection time on each of the many XP systems i still need to administer).

    What does teamviewer propose as a solution? Must i go to your competition? Will you allow teamviewer V12 (reported in this thread as still fucntional in XP), an exemption from the V14 forced upgrade?

    almost 20% of worlds PC's still run windows XP. That's a lot of systems, surely teamviewer is not abandoning or stranding them, are they?

    non commerical users cannot afford $600USD per year.  Can't you provide a roadmap to allow us to continue to use your product? If you force me to go elsewhere, i won't come back, and I will influence others to do the same.


    Why would teamviewer be so insulent and indifferent towards loyal customers (even if we have not been directly revenue generating - do you know how many companies i have referred to your product?)



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  • Oh this is just great, finding out now in the field that versioning as effectively locked me out from my PCs at the office... **bleep** do you not even advertise this in big read letters with the update to anything past v14.2???  I don't have time to check your forums just to make sure that i can continue using your software. You just lost a customer, because if there's ONE thing i need in your program it's reliability. There's millions of pre-win-7-machines out there and if you don't care that we may still need to use them, i don't care for you anymore.... This "old-version-can't-connect-to-new-version" always was one big moneymaking PR stunt IMO, now i'm paying the price for ignoring my inner voice...

  • Hi Esther,

    I tried to download the latest version available for Windows XP (you mentioned the 14.2), from the link you provided. Unfortunately there's only the 14.7 which is not supported.

    Can you spot me the right link?



  • Esther
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    Hi Davide,

    Thanks for your post.

    Did you try to download the 14.7? In case you make the download from your XP, you should get 14.2 automatically.

    Please keep me updated :-)

    Thanks and best,


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  • Hi Esther, 

    The trick was to try to download the exe file from a xp platform, copy the link from it and the use that link to download the file from a newer OS. Trying to download directly from Xp gets a ssl error..

    I recommend to add a direct link or, at least, document this trick a little bit more.

    Anyway, I got the exe finally. 

    Thank you,


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    Glad to hear it worked!

    Have a great day,


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  • good

  • Hi Esther,
    I kindly ask you to publish a direct link to version 14.2
    To my friend, who needs help, I'm too far away (across the state) and since he's an older person, I have to be able to send him the installation file by email.
    version 14.2 i need to download in win 7
    thank you very much


  • It is too hard for TeamViewer to support their users.
    These are the direct links for Portable version and the installer. I will also save them on my Google Drive. Because you can't rely on TeamViewer at all. These links work as of 2/Feb/2020. The exe gives ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS on XP. Portable version works right out of the box.

    Thanks, TeamViewer. I will never tell my company to renew our v10 licenses. It was ALWAYS a PITA. Let alone doing it for personal use like this time that took me 2 hours to get this file.

  • Thanks, I also managed to get it on a XP computer

  • Looking for v14.2 as suggested for Server 2008.  When you go to older downloads under v14 there is only the download is for version 14.7 available.  At this point there are still lots of Server 2008 systems out there in the process of being migrated.  I would prefer to use v14.2 instead of having to go down to v13.2.

    Also with the Management Console, it would be nice to be able to set a previous version in the Desing and Deploy - Custom Modules.  In my case specifically v14.2 for Server 2008 support cases.

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    Windows Vista was dropped in 2017, not 2012.

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    Check my previous comment
    Direct links to XP version 14.2

    You can probably change the file name to get what you need... except custom modules.

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  • thank you

  • why instal teamviewer my compeuter windoss xp/

  • frian
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    can anybody help me on installing the system?


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    why did not downlood ?

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    Hi Esther,

    Your message indicates that you can use the last supported version 14.2 on these operating systems as long as the remote is using the same version.  This is not true as you get an "Unknown Error" along with the message for you to update to a current version".  When you check for updates, the message reads that you are up-to-date.  Both the local and remote computers are running the same version, and indicate ready for connection.  When you try to connect, that is when you get the messages, which then aborts the connection.  I wonder if the versions 14.2 and below have expired as they worked just fine on Windows XP until recently.  Please let us know if any or all of these versions have ended or how a person can get past those messages in order to connect.


  • Hi,

    same problem when connecting from win7 (v.15.11.5) to wvin xp (v.14.2)

    thanks for advice

  • @JoskaT wrote:

    same problem when connecting from win7 (v.15.11.5) to wvin xp (v.14.2)

    You need to have TV 14 on both sides. Maybe you can use the portable version on Win 7 but if you have the service running as TV 15 it will say that it is already running when you  try to run TV14 (stop the service).

    I don't have XP anymore so I can't test it out. But it used to work fine having on the W7 TV14 as server (installed as service) and on XP TV14 run from portable folder (decompressed .zip).

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    I have tried with the same TeamViewer version on a local XP machine as well as the remote XP machine, yet you still get the errors and no connection.  I also tried connecting using a Mac to XP with the same versions, and got the same results.  TeamViewer does work with the Mac to another Mac remotely.  The problem I see is that either the TeamViewer software for XP has expired or the negotiation has changed within TeamViewers cloud (server), before reaching the remote machine.  I would only hope that the engineers (developers) of TeamViewer would shed some light on this issue, as TeamViewer is a great product.