TeamViewerPortable rolloutfile.tv13 only Adminrights



I used TeamViewerPortable 13 and 14 on my Computer at Work (for private purposes). When I start TeamViewer.exe, TeamViewer creates a file called "rolloutfile.tv13" in my TeamViewerPortable folder. Crazy thing is, this file is created with permissions only for local admins. In other words, it is not possible to delete this file, if you dont have local admin rights. At work, we use folderredirections, which means, i need local admin rights on our fileserver, in order to delete this file??? Not very intelligent design!!! 


  • White-Lynx
    White-Lynx Posts: 1

    This magic file is annoying. But you are still it's owner and are able to revert permissions to adequate. I now start TeamViewer with the following batch file:


    start /w %~dp0TeamViewer.exe
    icacls %~dp0rolloutfile.tv13 /reset

  • Rhidium
    Rhidium Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I don't have admin rights to my computer.. however what I did was enter the properties, click the Security Tab, and then click the Edit button.  Next click the Add button and I proceeded to add my login as one of the accounts.  I then I allowed myself Full control and pressed OK.  Now I'm able to delete it.