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Service Camp Expired even have license from Teamviewer

Dear Team

Please help to reactive my Service Camp license, it's already expire even me have activated Corporate license

Also, many times when I submit ticket to Teamview, never have a reply.

Plese take some action from ticket when you receive.

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  • Bao
    Bao Posts: 6 ✭✭

    Hi Yervand

    My servicecamp URL is :, that is using by trial and expired.

    What I need is active my license to renew this service camp

    Also you ask me to send private message, but you didn't give me your contact, so how can I send private mesage.

  • Hi

    In community there is place to send private message. Anyway I will pas your instance URL to our back-end team to make necessary adjustments. In case if some more information will require I will contact you.

    Product Owner
  • Bao
    Bao Posts: 6 ✭✭

    Hi Team

    I have just received info from Teamview that can't move data of trial service camp to my subcriptions license, this matter didn't notify by Teamview during I'm using trial. And now all my data during last month disappear, I'm very stranger and frustraion if we can't move the trial data to my license, especially Teamviewer is a global technical and famous company

  • Hi Bao,

    It is not a problem at all. We will move your trial instance under your license. 
    By any chance did you created the second servicecamp instance under your license or you just 
    need to make your trial servicecamp and licensed one ?


    Product Owner
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