TeamViewer 14 turns down input and output volume in other applications on macOS

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I'm using TeamViewer 14.0.13880 on macOS 10.14 Mojave.

I typically use other applications for communication when using TeamViewer. When I start a TeamViewer session though, it feels like TeamViewer wants me to use voice communication in TeamViewer, because it turns down the volume of all other applications, including my microphone.

I would typically use Discord or Skype when communication with people, though if TeamViewer turns down the volume everywhere, then it is completely useless to me. This forces me to use another program than TeamViewer, which is quite annoying I think.



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    I can't help you, becaue I have a similar problem.  Since I upgraded to TV 14 and Mac Mojave, my Mac cannot login to other Macs under Mojave, but it logs in to a Win10 PC with no problem.

    I got into a phone conversation with a TV rep, and I was disappointed to hear him strongly urge me to get a business (paid) version of TV, which would entitle me to better tech support.   I know that TV should make a profit from their sales to businesses, but the mere existence of the package makes it reasonable to let us have a working free version, doesn't it?  It's probably the same package, don't you think?  If we're having this problem, wouldn't the paying customers have the same problem?  If their's get fixed, shouldn't ours?

    Are you trying to log in to a Mac from a Mac that has the same characteristics, (i.e., both running under Mojave)?  Let's keep this thread going with as much information as we can muster.  If I can't get connected, I'll have to make 30-minute round-**bleep** drives whenever either of two-people who depend on my help calls me with a problem I can't resolve over the phone.

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    Hello BananaTie, 

    Hello BudV,

    Thank you for your messages.

    It was a bug that has been fixed.

    Could you please uninstall the version you have installed on your devices and download the latest version on our website ?

    Or, you can update it from your TeamViewer application directly via :

    - Help

    - Check for new updates

    I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to contact us again.


    Community Manager

  • BudV
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    Hi Jean,

    I regret having to report that the fix lasted only temporarily,and the problem returned. 

    I have a strange request to make.  The partner I'm workiing with is a nonagenarian who suffeed a concussion last January which resulted in a severe disability to learn.  This hampers my ability to check out this problem.  Is there any chance that you or someone workiing with you, if the occasion arrises again,  could be a temporary partner for me so that you could witness the problem first hand?

  • BudV
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    I just wanted to let you know that I have been connecting regularly with my ex's Macbook, so it appears that the problem my be with the iMac referred to above. If you're willing to go along with the idea I proposed, maybe I should go to that site and have you try to connect to me there?