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Teamviewer Host Deployment via GPO v14

Hello Guys,

i tried 2 Guides:


and this:

Both are not working for me.

I generated a new Host Template configured it and downloaded it, saved the API-Key and so on...

After doing this two Guides im asking why the **bleep** am I doing this. Why isnt it integrated while generating the MSI.
Is it just me or is there somebody who asks the same question ?

Isnt Teamviewer suppose to work as expected and be easy to deploy on alle platforms? Why do I have to customize every aspect of deployment. All these Custom Switches are fine but shouldnt be the Installation and the Assignment done after exporting it from the website automatically?

Can somebody give me an advice what I can do?

I want to Install and Assign Clients via GPO. At the moment Teamviewer 13 Host works as expected unfortunately its some time ago and the person who did this has no time for this.

Regards, Jonas