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Windows 10s windows don't scroll

I connect to several Windows 10 machines, both Pro and Home versions and in all cases, none of the Windows 10 screens (settings windows) or the Start Menu scroll. The bar itself moves but the list or window contents do not.

Is anyone else experiencing this?



  • Capella
    Capella Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I received an email saying that MattGorner replied to this, along with his reply, but I'm not seeing his reply in this forum post (maybe it's me - I dunno). So I'll post his reply in the email here:


    "Have the same issue with Windows 10 and Team Viewer 14.0.13880.

    In fact, I also have these issues:

    - Any applications using OpenGL not displaying (will be blank, white or black)
    - Start Menu applications list being really small, sometimes it will pop to full size, but most often it doesn't

    It seems many of these issues might be due to a combination of the following factors:

    - Hardware accelerated windows (which is pretty much any Window's window and certain applications - especially 3D apps and games)
    - The monitor on the remote PC is connected via HDMI or Display Port and is OFF (either physically turned off or automatically by the Windows Power settings)

    Apparently the above issues are due to the fact that if the monitor is off, graphics cards don't draw to the screen, which is why Team Viewer can't capture it.

    Some potential fixes are:
    - Leave the monitor on (I've yet to try this myself)
    - Turn Hardware Acceleration off (struggling to find this setting in Windows 10)
    - Plug your monitor into a DVI port instead of HDMI or Display Port
    - Plug in a dummy DVI adaptor into your video card (if it has that port)

    Either way, this issue has severly crippled Team Viewer (and other remote desktop solutions) if you want to leave your PC running but turn the monitor off to avoid screen burn."


    So, my reply to that:

    I didn't mention in my post that I am running v14, so apparently, this is a v14 issue?

    Also, I'm connecting to laptops, so, unfortunately, the potential fixes related to monitors don't apply to me.

    I'm wondering if this is something that TV can fix.

  • If you close the lid on your laptop but leave it on, it might well act the same as turning off a desktop monitor, depends on your laptop.

    I can however confirm that if I leave my monitor on and either set a blank screen saver or set the monitor to sleep to avoid screen burn, everything functions as normal - I can scroll, I see OpenGL etc.

    When I turn the monitor off, Windows acts as if there is no monitor plugged in at all (all to do with Window's Display Detection "feature") when this happens the graphics card doesn't bother rendering anything to screen, so I get some basic Windows driver instead, and that causes windows not to scroll, no OpenGL and other display issues.

    You can do a really quick check to see whether your PC is using your graphics card when remotely connected via Team Viewer:

    1. Connect to your remote PC via Team Viewer
    2. Right click on the Desktop and choose your graphics card Control Panel (mine being NVIDIA Control Panel)
    3. If you can see ALL of the controls for the display (for me they are 3D Settings, Display, Stereoscopic 3D and Video) then the graphics card is being used, if you see no categories or basic ones but is missing many entries, then it's using the Windows driver, and that means the issues mentioned

    This doesn't happen over DVI as far as I know, only HDMI and certainly Display Port connected monitors.

    Give it a try.

  • reolfd
    reolfd Posts: 1

    This is a TeamViewer problem. I have this problem but find that, with no hardware or software changes, if I use Remote Desktop Connection to connect, I don't have the problem. 

  • All I know is, if I do what I listed above it works fine.

    Not sure how Windows Remote Desktop is doing its thing.
  • Uldis
    Uldis Posts: 1

    Does not work for me. However that is a server I'm trying to connect to and it does not have a monitor at all, BUT i can still control everything through Nvidia control panel - meaning, the driver is working and in Nvidia control panel it shows as Digital monitor.

    I noticed that scrolling is just one issue, usually it's accompanied with a strange mouse behavior - the cursor shows in different place than it actually is.


  • harry323
    harry323 Posts: 1

    This is exactly the help I've been needed. I could not figure out that it was Teamviewer causing this issue and all my Google searches were coming up dry. The pc I'm plugged in to doesn't have a monitor so as you suggested I just plugged in a USB-VGA adapter and it started working perfectly.

    Can't tell you how many times I ran SFC/DISM which sent me off on a wild goose chase because SFC kept saying it was fixing errors... and it's a brand new computer!

  • abely3k
    abely3k Posts: 3

    Same here. I am using windows 10 remote desktop connection I do not have any problems. It is a teamviewer bug.

  • Bren0man
    Bren0man Posts: 2

    As you mentioned in one of your potential fixes, I have been using these to resolve this issue:

    They've been working perfectly well for me. Amazon has similar devices for cheaper, though I've not used them myself:

    Also, this issue has been a problem for me long before TeamViewer v14 was a thing. I'm guessing this has been an issue since Windows 10 was released. 

    It's not as good a solution as TeamViewer simply fixing the problem, but I just accepted the fault and bought a handful of these and haven't worried about it since. Good luck. 

  • I agree would be best if TV would fix the issue but I appreciate you posting this workaround option. I didn't know such a device existed till now. I like this option better than leaving my remote laptop screen on lowest brightness setting day in/out.

  • sp99
    sp99 Posts: 1 Newbie

    Thanks @Capella for your tips. The first one worked quickly for me - i.e. keep my laptop monitor open slightly so it is not fully closed. Then on my MacBook (remote device) I was able to scroll the settings windows cleanly! Thanks for your detailed tips! FYI for others, I am using MacBook 2013 laptop with Mojave OS and connecting remotely to a Lenovo Yoga C740 laptop. With this simple tip it all is working perfectly now!

  • MikeSan
    MikeSan Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited May 5

    No need for a dummy device, if the remote computer is an Windows PC, just install a virtual monitor like this and it should work: [Third party product]

  • DNScompanies
    DNScompanies Posts: 6 ✭✭

    I used a dummy hdmi connector and it didn't fix my mouse scrolling issue. Driving me bonkers and wasted a few bucks on the dummies...

  • raptor_lv
    raptor_lv Posts: 1 Newbie

    Hey, teamviewer team! Are you going to fix this? Issue persist at least for 4 years and still does not fixed. TeamViewer is useless without this issue is fixed :(

    TV that is connected to my PC turns off automatically, and I do not have DVI port. And I am not going to buy third party software for virtual monitor or hardware for dummy monitor. Instead of this I am going to setup tunnel from my home PC to the virtual private server on Amazon or DigitalOcean or something like this. And I will use Remote Desktop to connect to my home PC using tunnel on remote server with white IP address.