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[Update] TeamViewer IoT with advanced feature set

Esther Posts: 4,089 Former Community Manager

Hi all,

I thought it might be good to know for all of you interested in IoT and especially in TeamViewer IoT and its solutions for Remote Control, Monitoring and the Smart areas like Smart Building, Smart Farming, Smart Factory and Smart Retail:

We released an update to our IoT solution!

Now TeamViewer IoT provides

  • enhanced configuration, screen-grabbing and troubleshooting qualities as well as
  • new capabilities such as real-time data and
  • edge visualization in the TeamViewer IoT Edge Management application,

This allows for comparison and correlation of live, interrelated data during remote troubleshooting and you may now easily access your most-needed metrics during remote troubleshooting by pinning them to a dashboard in the TeamViewer IoT Edge Management application.

Additionally, ready-to-use code snippets (Node JS and Python) significantly reduce the time to develop custom connector and publishing sensor telemetry to the MQTT API of TeamViewer IoT.

Pre-configured commands may now be sent directly to actuators via a dashboard in the TeamViewer IoT Edge Management UI. TeamViewer IoTs platform support has also expanded with a TeamViewer IoT agent RPM package, allowing support for industrial PCs and gateways with CentOS Linux.

Read the full Press announcement here and start your trial here:

Learn more about TeamViewer IoT in our dedicated IoT Community and its great Knowledge Base. Do not miss to subscribe to the IoT Labs to get the development snippets and prototypes directly from our developers.

All the best, Esther


Former Community Manager