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TeamViewer 14 MSI can't be installed when Windows Firewall is deactivated

Hi everyone,

i've installed TeamViewer 14.0.13880 on several clients (MSI with custom config).
The installation works for the most machines, but not on the clients where the Windows Firewall is deactivated.
As soon as i activate the firewall, the installation runs through without any error.

How can i install TeamViewer 14 without activating Windows Firewall?
Thank you



  • I ran into the same issue this past week. 

    I don't run into other MSI packages from other vendors running into this issue.  I use PDQ to deploy applications through our org, and this is the only MSI that had an issue.  In PDQ I was getting a return error of "MSI Error 1603: Unknown error 1603".  When I ran the MSI locally through msiexec, it appeared to just hang and not do anything, no error code.  When running the MSI like a normal install, it would appear to install and right at the end would roll-back the installation.

    I started a support ticket with Teamviewer last week and provided this link/fix to support this morning.  I asked if they could provide a reason why the Teamviewer MSI requires windows firewall service, if I hear anything back I'll post.

  • Any update on this issue?

    We run a third party firewall application which obviously means our Windows Firewall is turned off.

    Highly irratating issue.

  • dealing with this same issue. Has TeamViewer addressed this? We disable Windows Firewall because we use a 3rd party firewall and this is causing issues with deployment. Might need to look at other solutions. 

  • I had contact with the TeamViewer support but the solution is not satisfactory.
    They said that the Windows-Firewall-Service is necessary to ensure the reliability and simplicity of TeamViewer. (thanks for nothing)
    Their solution is to deactivate the Windows-Firewall but keep the service running.

    I haven't tried version 15 yet.

  • I tried MSI 15.1.3937.0 with same issue :-(


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