TeamViewer Issue IPv6 on Philips Smart TV

I just bought a new TV made by Philips in 2018. The model number is 43PUS7303/12. It has Android 8.0 Oreo and TeamViewer pre-installed. My router is connecting to Internet using IPv6 only. When I open TeamViewer application on the TV it is not providing any ID number. Bellow there is a yellow bullet saying "TeamViewer Activation...". I waited 30 minutes and nothing happened. Then I went to my office with the TV where we have other ISP with IPv4 only. I got immediately an ID number and I could connect to the TV from my laptop. I went back home and still the same issue. I connected my laptop to the router and TeamViewer in Windows 10, IPv6 connection it is working as expected. Now I have a question TeamViewer application in my Philips TV supports only IPv4? What could be the issue which cause trouble in getting an ID Number? Router has no firewall setup, all settings allow to do anything. YouTube it is working fine on TV, browsing the net and so on. Only TeamViewer it is not working.