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Is 2-factor auth broken?

A couple weeks ago I enabled two-factor auth on two of my accounts. It was working great.

Today, I can't login to my accounts because it says the code is invalid for both accounts.

My co-worker is experiencing the same thing.

I used my recovery codes to disable the two-factor auth and I was able to sign in again but now I can't enable two-factor auth because when it asks me to verify the code to enable it, it's again saying invalid code.

Anyone else?

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  • Weird, my time was two minutes off for some reason even though it was syncing with NTP. I resynced my time and it's working again.


    Thanks @Natascha

  • Natascha
    Natascha Posts: 1,292 Senior Moderator

    Perfect ?
    I'm happy to hear that it worked.
    Have a great day @rmortierSmiley Happy 

    German Community Moderator [on Parental Leave 🙋‍♀️]
  • bonnyr
    bonnyr Posts: 1


    I have exactly the same issue - I've had to switch phones recently and the new authenticator app is now installed on a new phone which is time synced automatically, however I still cannot activate 2fa.

    Steps I've taken:

    1. login
    2. profile setting
    3. activate 2fa
    4. scan code into google authenticator
    5. provide code from the authenticator  in the next screen - not accepted.

    I removed the account from the authenticator a number of times to no avail.
    The computer I used to log into the account shows exactly the same time.


    What else can I try?





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