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How can I minimize teamviewer using Keyboard?

diogoma Posts: 5 ✭✭

How can I minimize teamviewer using Keyboard?

I don't understand how Teamviewer doesn't have any Keyboard shortcut to minimize TeamViewer and return to the Host PC.

I am using Windows 7 in the Host PC and windows 10 in the remote PC.

Many thanks for the support!


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  • DomLan
    DomLan Posts: 490 ⭐Star⭐


    standard Windows shortcut may be WinButton+DownArrow (2 times).

    But during connection, TeamViewer will ask you if shortcut must by applied on client or your side. Try to see this @Jonathan response on generic shortcut:

    Hope this helps.


    Domenico Langone
    MCSD: App Builder
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  • diogoma
    diogoma Posts: 5 ✭✭

    Thanks for the reply, unfortunely it doesn't work.

    No one had this issue before, hard to believe!

  • carehart
    carehart Posts: 4 ✭✭

    diogoma/DMA, were you really asking instead for a hotkey to LEAVE a teamviewer remote, to get back to having shortcuts work against your local machine? Since you referred to "minimizing it", that's why the answer above was given.

    But I, too, have longed for a keyboard shortcut that would let us leave a tv remote window (without need of clicking outside of it). Logmein had such a key, and it was great, and I've missed it from the day I moved to Tv. I didn't complain about it, being only a free Tv user.

    But today it struck me to look into it again. Your thread here was the first I found on the topic, so I wanted to leave this, whethr to help you (clarify what you sought) or to help me (if others may know of an answer). I've looked in the Tv UI and help, to no avail so far.

  • No shortcut yet to LEAVE a teamviewer remote?.

  • I would really appreciate such a function. A very easy thing to develop would be a customizable filter. I.e. if a certain combination is pressed, it triggers an action on the host machine, like sending a keyboard combination or run a command.

    Hope of some developer feedback here ;)

    Best regards


  • diogoma
    diogoma Posts: 5 ✭✭

    Hi Juergen,

    Thanks for your reply, but can you be more specific with: cmd /C? When you say to create a additional keyboard shortcut in Windows 10?

    What I have understand from your comments, this is related to the Command Prompt, where inside we would be able to create shortcuts inside, right?

    Kind regards


  • Hi Diogoma,

    cmd /C just does nothing. It starts a console window and closes it immediately.

    Here is the detailed procedure.

    - right click on your Desktop and do New->Shortcut

    - type "cmd /C" as location of the item, then Next

    - type "DoNothing" as name, then Finish

    - right click on the new shortcut and select Properties

    - click into "Shortcut key" field and press ALL keys for your shortcut, like CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+A

    - now the key combination shows in that field

    - Press OK

    Now test it; if you press CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+A a console window should appear after 1-2 seconds and close immediately.

    This also works (for me, Windows 10, TeamViewer 13) while in a remote session. But as the focus is transfered to the task bar after closing an application, you are back in control of the host machine. Now you can Alt+Tab to another app or Win+R to run something local.

    Cheers, Juergen

  • carehart
    carehart Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Sweetness! Thanks so much, Juergen. Relief, finally.

    It seems a bit odd that it works, as one wouldn't necessarily expect expect such a shortcut defined OUTSIDE the TV remote to be accessible when INSIDE it. But I can confirm that it does indeed work for me (also on Windows 10 and TV 13 (both versions for the host as well as the remote). 

    I suppose the only negative is that if in the REMOTE one wants to also use TV to connect to yet some 3rd machine, then in defining this shortcut on that intermediate remote, it can't be the same key. I'll just need to choose (and remember to use) an alternative keystroke. For me, I have used ctrl-shift-/ on the first machine, and ctrl-shift-\ on the intermediate machine. (And yes, I can just connect to the 3rd machine from the first, as well.)

    So thank you VERY much for finding this thread and offering your suggestion (and thanks to whoever marked it as the solution. I do wish TV would offer it as a native feature, like **Third Party Product** had, but until then, this'll do!)

  • diogoma
    diogoma Posts: 5 ✭✭

    Sorry Carehart, but this doesn't work for me. I would like to know from the rest of you guys.

    I have done all of the steps described and it didn't do what is expected.It didn't returned me to the Host.

    Basically to put cristal clear to everyone, what is requested is to return to the Host machine using the Keyboard, simple as that. Going one step further is, to Ideally to go back to the remote machine as well using the keyboard. As it was said before, log me in had this functionality.

    Right now, I have at the moment a Host machine with Windows 10 and Remote machine with Windows 7 using Teamviewer13.

    Thanks everyone for the support,





  • carehart
    carehart Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Well, it may depend on what you expect to happen.

    First of all, are you trying this in a windowed or a full-screen remote TV window? If full-screen, then no, it won't work. All keys are passed only to the remote. But if your remote TV is windowed (even with the maximize button, where you can still see the TV status bar showing the remote name at the very top left of your remote window), then the keyboard shortcut works (for us).

    Second, to be clear, there will be only the slightest visual cue of anything happening (the command prompt window on the host will open and close, perhaps imperceptibly). And it may take a couple of seconds to happen. But then your keyboard shortcuts (like alt-tab) should now work on the host, not the remote.

    So to prove it for me, I setup that shortcut (on the host), then I went into the remote and did alt-tab, and confirmed it was moving around WITHIN THE REMOTE, then I hit the new shortcut (and saw the momentary flash of the command prompt), and then used alt-tab and confirmed it was moving around on my host. 

    Oh, and as for a key to get "back into the remote", I find that if I alt-tab (while on the host) to the tv remote window, then I am "in" the remote and back to shortcuts working "in the remote" (until I hit that shortcut and get back to the host.).

    That's "working" for me. Do either of the above resolve your problem? or are you perhaps expecting something else?

  • MrKim
    MrKim Posts: 5 ✭✭

    IT works only if the TV session is NOT full screen.

  • MrKim
    MrKim Posts: 5 ✭✭

    Probably because, as I recall, there is an option to pass shortcut keys to the remote if fullscreen.

    I also agree. WE NEED THIS FEATURE.

    I am working with a small laptop a lot now, and not having this forces me to the mouse/pad.

    I am alt-Tabbing between a lot of windows on both local and remote. I can Alt-Tab IN to a remote session. Why can't I Ctl-Alt-Tab OUT? Or even better, LONG Alt then Tab?

  • diogoma
    diogoma Posts: 5 ✭✭

    That would be cool!!

    Let´s see what they have to say...

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