Way to disable audioconfernece?


in our case we have differents tyopes of customers and with these customers we are in talk/call before a teamviewer session starts. Now we get the problem that every audio is unable to use on when teamviewer session starts.

We use our own Webv RTC Client, Skype for business or a voip software to communicate with out customers. Would be nice and helpfull to disable the automatic startet audioconfernce at a teamvierwer session.  Only work around is to use old version of teamviewer that not a valid workaround, because our customer awaits newest teamviewerr version for using, because of security and host os system compability

Under settings a can adjust device an some other thing for audio but no disable option.




  • The suggested solution is to mute the  audio, but this does not stop the audio being used, and being disabled for other applications. Muting the audio is not a good solution. Please provide a way to completely disable VOIP.