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Update/Rollout Teamviewer 14 Host with GPO


im new into the deployment of teamviewer and now i have some questions. Our company deployed Teamviewer 12 Host to the clients. Now we want to create a GPO that updates every host to TV14 and every new computer get it too.

I read the Mass deployment article ( but there are some questions:

I created a script which uninstalls the existing installation of the host (Teamviewer 12) and installs the new customized host (msiexec /i \\pathtomsi CUSTOMCONFIGID....APITOKEN ...

But after running the script on the test computer there are 2 clients listed in the managemant console. (the old one which we renamed and the new on (hostname only). It should not create a new entry, only update it and keep the name in the management console.

Is there someone who could help me?

(Sorry for bad english)




  • BaldisseraBaldissera Posts: 1


    We almost seeing the same issue. The only difference, is that I am using ConfigMgr to deploy the package!

    This is a big Issue, as we have moret than 1000 machines, where we have entered some details for each one of them. So upgrading from old version to new, and loose those data, is not acceptable for us.. 

    Is there anyway to get around this? What if we ran a msiexec command with repair, could that do it? So instead running Msiexec /i "teamviewer.exe" /Quiet it could be something like Msiexec /fa "teamviewer.exe" /Quiet (will repair all files).

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