computers disappear from account list

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Hi everybody

I'm new with the TV11 Premium license. I've created a personalised "QuickSupport"-Module. The customers can download the software linked on our website as soon as the need it. The connection can be established und appears in the computer list of my TV account. Everything runs correctly until this point.
After the session is over the customer closes the TV. After a view hours the computer disappears in the list of my TV account, without an information of doing this. It confuses me.

Why is this happening?

Thanks for any hint. :-)

Greetings from Switzerland

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  • michaelnydegger
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    Hi Bart

    Thanks for this explanation. It explains everything. :-)

    I accept this behavior and will still use Teamviewer Quicksupport. I can live with it, if I know it is working as it has been designed.

    The reason for using QS furthermore is: We "just" have the "Premium" license. For the MSI package (for our Client Management Software) we would need the "Corporate" Edition. It's too expensive for us at the moment.

    Thank you very much for your helping. I wish you a nice time.


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    Just so you know, if you wanted unattended access, I am pretty sure you can use the non-customized host at  and then asign it to your account or add the computer to your account for unattended access after the fact.

    I did not realize that the custom host module was only part of the Corporate package. I bought my Corporate package even though I only needed Premium because of the small price bump for an entire extra license.

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    Bart Lanzillotti
  • michaelnydegger
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    Hi Bart

    The custom module is included in all license modell. That's working in our environment. Just the MSI-File for client management (Baramundi, OPSI, Altiris,...) is only included in the "Corporate" license.

    In our use case we just need the Quicksupport: A customer calls us, We ask him to open QS and have access.

    When I need unattended access, I manually install TV. That are just a view machines.