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Error WaitforConnectFailed on TeamViewer Host

After years with zero problems, I recently get very often the error WaitforConnectFailed while trying to connect with tens of TeamViewer Hosts. After several attempts, the connection inexplicably works. It never happened before. Also my colleagues get the same problem.
Do I have to make settings/tunings on the host side?


  • gct_rhck
    gct_rhck Posts: 1

    Recently upgraded to Version 14 and this problem is frusting us with machines on the LAN as well as remote staff.  all Windows 10 1803/1809 clients, occuring to desktop/portables alike.

    Only work around is (if you have someone present) getting them to exit and close Teamviewer, then relaunch it and it works again.

    Not helpful if the remote machine is unattended.

    We had verison 9 previously and had no issues (almost regret upgrading..).

  • Milla815
    Milla815 Posts: 2

    I've just experienced the same issue with many of my teamviewer host installations, since maybe 2 weeks. Before everythink works fine. PC is shown as online, but after start connecting I get the Error Message ttrockstars WaitforConnectFailed.

  • The same issue is also happening with me as well as the connection is getting failed and the team host is also not working. The error of the wait for the connect failed has to be fixed as many users are not being able to access it. 

  • Hello All,

    For lucky ones (not me) this can be a solution:

    For those who has Bravia Android TV I have sad news: Sony reached its ultimate low and settings are not covering the ability of this permission.