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Autohide taskbar invisible on target computer

My target machine has "auto-hide" set for the task bar.

So when I connect to it, the task bar is invisible.  Sliding the cursor down to the bottom of the screen usually makes the taskbar visible, but now that only makes the taskbar on my local machine visible!   How can i get to the (hidden) start button on the (hidden) taskbar on the target machine so i can turn off auto-hide?


  • me too! 
    This seriously limits what I can actually do on the target computer!!!
    I have sometimes fooled around with the resolution settings in TV and then put them back the way they were, and that makes the taskbar available,.......sometimes! 
    but this is not reliable. 
    I am using TV to support some elderly friends and other newbies.
    and I can hardly do anything for them! 


  • wdmix
    wdmix Posts: 2

    The only way I can get it to apper is to change the Display %, then it only stays up for 1 iteration, so I finally locked it again.

  • kpb
    kpb Posts: 2

    I have a workaround that seems pretty good.

    I'm on a Mac, communicating with a remote computer running Windows (the taskbar is set to auto-hide because an application runs full-screen on the remote computer which would otherwise be partically obscured by task bar).

    If I hover the mouse over the place that should cause the taskbar to unhide (but doesn't) and then use Cmd-TAB twice (on a Windows machine, you'd use Alt-TAB) to switch away from teamviewer and back on my local computer, then the taskbar appears.


  • Cannopa
    Cannopa Posts: 1
    Thanks for the hint. I found it's SHIFT-TAB on windows.


  • Hi,

    for me ALT+TAB what is the normal focus-change-action in windows...

    ...and becasue so it works unfortunately only if there are other app-windows active.

    In earlier versions it was ok, becasue the automatik tray or desktop or whatever the name, was always in the active-window list, so with 1x ALT+TAB you always arrived to that desktop-icon...

    additionally the small-empty-space on the hidable TeamViewer-tab, just below the arrow, activated the taskbar as well.

    since some version  of 14 (and unfortunately latest 15 as well), or some update of W10 pro, I have the problem on all of our computers.

    anly way if you have other application-windows active, and use ALT+TAB to switch to that one.

    Hopefully some TV-guys are checking the chat and trying to find fix.

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