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Can't add Teamviewer to Accessibility in Mojave

When I try to connect with Teamviewer on Mojave I attempt to add Teamviewer in the Security & Privacy > Accessibility but nothing shows when I hit the add button.  Anyone know of a fix or does Teamviewer support have a solution?


  • I am finding exactly the same problem with Teamviewer and adding the aaplication to the accessibilty menu. I now have this happening on two separate OS 10.14.2 Mojave machines.

    We also use Apple Remote Desktop and that is doing the same thing as Teamviewer, allows me to view the other computer but not control, so seems to be having same affect and both seem to be related to the accessibility menu not being able to add a program.

    We are running version 14 of Teamviewer on all the Mac's. Tried various fixes including removing a TCC.db file fronm ~/Library/Application Support/ and its not had any affect

  • I decided to downgrade to High Sierra. 

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