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Linux Headless WITH graphical (Xorg)

Linux Headless WITH graphical (Xorg)   --   Headless with Mate-Desktop

My question is different from other questions about Headless systems.

Dear Teamviewer,
Why have you designed your installer such that it is not possible to install the Graphical version from an "initial" SSH connection?

I always need to add a physical monitor, mouse and keyboard to complete the enrollment with your servers.

If I try to install graphically, via X2go for example, my initial use of the graphical App hangs at trying to login, resulting a request for a proxy.. Clearly Internet connectivity is present - I ensure that.

Once installed, I reboot without the monitor, mouse and keyboard and your App continues to work fine connecting via my laptop.

Very odd you've designed it that way.
Not a new problem, all previous versions have been like this.
This is NOT a question about "true" Headless mode, where only a remote Xterm interface is offered.



  • DanielStm
    DanielStm Posts: 224 Staff member 🤠

    Hi John,

    if I understand you correctly, you are talking about running

    teamviewer setup

    after installing the package. This is currently only possible on a real terminal, more precisely on a framebuffer console. A virtual or emulated terminal (ssh, xterm) does not work. I would like to assure you this is not a design decision, rather an unfortunate dependency. We are aware of it and would like to improve this when time permits. I can't promise anything though.

    Linux Developer
  • DanielStm
    DanielStm Posts: 224 Staff member 🤠

    Actually, after some research, I have to correct myself:

    teamviewer setup
    • works via ssh (I think it didn't in an earliear release)
    • does not work if an X server is running (even if you are on a framebuffer console)

    And it is actually intended that way because 'teamviewer setup' is meant precisely to configure headless. It is meant for machines where no X is running so you actually can connect to that machine after installing TeamViewer (via ssh) without setting a password and figuring out the ID.

    So, what you are actually trying to achieve is ManagedDevice Account Assignment. Admittedly, 'teamviewer setup' achieves that, but it is not the (main) purpose of it. However, I can actually tell you that we are working on making account assignment available in the UI. It should be out in a few months. Please stand by :smileyhappy:


    Linux Developer