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MacOS Mojave 10.14.3 update broke TeamViewer?

It appears that the new 10.14.3 version of Mojave MacOS broke TeamViewer. It stopped working immediately after installing the 10.14.3 update from Apple.   Macbook HW and Software version screenshots attached.  I immediately updated to the latest TeamViewer (14.1.9025) and tried again.  It still does not work.  When it normally goes to the remote login screen, it instead goes to a blank white screen which occasionally flickers briefly to the remote login screen and immediately flashes back to white.  The flicker of the remote screen may happen once ever 5 to 15 seconds.  There is also a lock symbol overlaid on the big "X" at the top left of the screen that I never noticed before.  Screenshots attached.

About TeamViewer.png


  • I have 10.14.3 and I did have to enable TeamViewer under Sys Prefs>Security & Privacy>Privacy>Accessibility>Allow the apps below to control your computer

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