Feature request: Turn ON/OFF : "Access Control Details"

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For each connection I get this following window:

Feature Request:

1. please add option to Turn ON/OFF showing this window
2. please make them above current opened session to user have easy option to click close
3. please add support for ESCAPE butto to close this window
4. please add auto hiding this window after 10 secondsAccess Control Details.png

mLipok , AutoIt MVP


  • JoshP
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    Answer ✓

    Hello @mLipok,

    Thank you for your post.

    Please be advised that this is a known issue in the current insider build; our team is actively working on the resolution.

    As it is a display error, it will not affect the session overall.

    Hope this helps!

    Josh P.

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  • mLipok
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    As it is a display error, it will not affect the session overall.

    Thanks for your answer, and informationa about work in progress.

    I know this is only display error but very distracting, especially when you login to 3 or 4 host at the same time, and you have opened many other window, then you must click and close each "Access Control Details" for clean up your desktop.


    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
  • VlaDeMaN
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    No one cares that it doesn't affect the session, it affects the user in a negative way. it can at times be infurating. it's been a year and an option for this still doesn't exist. 

  • Perel
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    Would also love to see this resolved.
    Terribly annoying whilst supporting your entire organization and consistently connecting to machines all day. 
    We have set up our policies to ask for Show Screen and allow remote control.
    We set the rules so don't need to be reminded every single time we want to connect.
    Extra clicks = wasted time.

  • xhen
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    I still have the same problem... 2021 and no solution yet!!!

  • ItDude
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    Anyone up for a class action lawsuit? With all the extra moussing chasing this window all over your screen plus all the extra clicking is leading to workplace injury because of this poor design.

  • mLipok
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    As I said this is actually handy feature for me.

    I still stand that there should be an configuration option to turn it on/off.

    But your approach is incomprehensible.

    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
  • WoodenMonster
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    I have the same issue in July 2021, this only happens when I do custom options very annoying especially if you connect to between 60 - 100 PC a day.

  • TimM
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    Can't believe this is still an open issue. @JoshP where are we at on this? Doesn't appear as though it would be too hard of a fix.

  • julioce
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    HI, Normal and enterprise user here.

    I found the same annoying window.

    I checked the TeamViewer Options, Advanced Tab, Advanced Settings for connections to other computers checked true Clipboard synchronization and Access Control set to FULL ACCESS

    IT did work for me no more annoying window

    Help Others, Be happy strong and healthy,


  • Jer-Cedar
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    Several years now since this problem initially started. Hard to believe TV has no solution.

  • Dawidmos
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    FOUND, Same issue here. Problem is when You set Extras->Options->Advanced is changed from default: all "Full Access" permissions to "Custom settings" or something else.

    ...but still it should be repaired - I want use custom settings on my machine.

  • alemanrt
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    4 years later and it's still an issue.lol

    A NONSENSE FEATURE! I don't need to be reminded everytime I sign into a machine by this access control window.

  • alemanrt
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    Thanks but no thanks.. Look at how many windows you need to click just to get back to your remote sessions.

  • 01011010
    01011010 Posts: 1

    Seriously, when will a fix be in place. This is ridiculous!!!

  • yoyo95
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    Just add my voice to all the others.

    This annoying window suddenly appears for all my connexions (bug, update ?) and no option to disable it.

    Please TeamViewer, do something.

  • yoyo95
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    Ok, I just updated TV and it looks like this annoying issue has been fixed in version 15.42.5.

  • Mclan
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    Looks this annoying screen reappeared after the last upgrade - 15.42.5 fixes it.