Is there a public access (link) to the customer's ticket?

Do you want the customer to see the history of the ticket? Ideally secret link ...
The response of the support staff member only contains the last response, which does not suit if the ticket and its solution are longer in more steps / responses ...

Only {customer_request} can be inserted in the email notification configuration but you can not paste the entire history as it is sent to the CC if it is used.

Can both customer and CC be at the same time? This would be a temporary solution.

Thank you.

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  • PetrR
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    Thank you,
    after registering the client on the portal, then this works and sees its requirements that have been addressed.
    Is it possible for a client to see, for example, all tickets for their entire domain? For example, he is registered as and would like to see all the requests of his colleagues *
    Thank you.

  • Yervand_PM
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    At this moment client can see only tickets opened by him.

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  • dejans
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    I am new user of servicecamp, and I was very excited that you offer this app, it is very usefull to me. BUT, as I investigate a little, I must say to you that servicecamp has great idea, but it is poorly designed, with so many missings. And I do not think only about this ticket, but many more. You should do some affort and complete this service, and it can be great and usefull!