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     I've been using Teamviewer since version 7 and managed to get the company on it around 9. Its a great app that I find extremely useful. One of the few areas I've ever had issue with is the remote print functionality. We're HP printer fans here and only use HP Laserjets. One of our remote users recently switched over to a duplex printer and found they could not get duplexing to work. Just incase duplexing is the printing of 2 sides automatically. They have a simple HP Laserjet 401dne that works great locally. But it seems that the teamviewer print driver drops that 2-sided feature and there is no where that I can find to turn it on. Is this by design or a bug? I am looking for any help in giving my coworker automatic duplexing. For now he is okay placing the paper back in tray 1.


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    Dear Elijahl,

    Thank you for your post.


    Most HP drivers do not work with TeamViewer as they do not use the right language.

    The two supported languages are included in the link above.

    Also only the printers default settings are only going to work, since duplexing more than likely not going to work.

    Thank you for your post and I hope this information is useful.

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  • Thank you for the information. It being late Friday I won't be able to test this but I am hoping then if I use the Postscript driver instead of PCL I might be able to get duplexing to work. Will update here with my results. Again thanks for the insight.


  • I could not get this feature to work in Teamviewer 11 ??