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TeamViewer GUI broken with fractional scaling enabled on KDE


On my 13" FullHD laptop I need to set screen element scaling to 1.5 to make it look good. One of the few (if not only) DEs which support it is KDE. It usually works fine, but TV's GUI is terribly broken. Here's a screenshot, at scaling 1.5 - scale 1 and 2 work fine (the black rectangles aren't there, that was just me blanking out personal info):

Screenshot_20190218_101213.pngShould I report this somewhere else, or is writing here enough?



  • bschelst
    bschelst Posts: 2

    I have the same problem. Teamviewer is unusable because of this.

  • bschelst
    bschelst Posts: 2

    As development is sleeping, use the following workaround to start teamviewer:

    QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS="1"; teamviewer

    that way the gui works again, if you have great eyes.
    Not thanks to teamviewer.

  • Same issue here, your solution makes Teamviewer usable again, kudos!

  • axl7777
    axl7777 Posts: 1

    same issue here

    i'm on KDE Plasma 5.14.5 (kubuntu 19.04) and need scaling because my laptop resolution is huge (dell xps 13)

    workaround does not work for me

    any other idea?

  • This solves it.
    QT_SCALE_FACTOR did not work for me.

    This did:

    QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS="1"; teamviewer 
  • oJPTo
    oJPTo Posts: 3

    If you want to set the env var from the start menu entry edit the file
    ~ /.local/share/applications/com.teamviewer.TeamViewer.desktop
    Modify this line:
    Exec=/usr/bin/env QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS="1" /opt/teamviewer/tv_bin/script/teamviewer

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