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Unable to get Teamviewer 12 to work on Windows Surface w/ Windows RT 8.1

I had Teamviewer 11 on my PC and my Microsoft Surface tablet previously and everything worked well.  I have since upgraded my PC to Teamviewer 12.  I then attempted to upgrade Teamviewer to version 12 on my tablet with no success.  The version 12 software uploads, but when I go to open it, I get an error message that states: "Unable to connect. A connection could not be established.  Partner could not be contacted at the given network address."  However, the Teamviewer dashboard pops up on my PC when I'm attempting to connect to it, so clearly the software is talking between machines, it's just not giving me access. I have uninstalled version 11, restarted the operating system, cleared the registry and temporary folders.  Some items in the temp folders would not delete.  Nothing I do works.  HELP!


  • Scott1
    Scott1 Posts: 2

    I also get a different error message sometimes when I try to access my PC.  "Your partner uses a newer version of Teamviewer.  Would you like to update TeamViewer now to establish a connection?"  The thing is, this is after I've downloaded the new version!

  • AWP_Ownz
    AWP_Ownz Posts: 1
    How do you even install teamviewer 12 on your surface? The app from the store doesn't do it for me and I can't download teamviewer from their website because my surface says I don't have an app to run it?
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