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Almost all the time, I do support from my laptop with 3 x extra screens attached.

But is there a way, where I easy can move teamviewer session from my laptop to my phone when im moving away from laptop?

But also move session back to laptop when im ready to work from my laptop.

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  • Jonathan
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    Hi BornData,

    Thank you for your post!

    There is not a way to transfer an active session to another device. Depending on how you are using Teamviewer (licensed or free), you could connect to your endpoint with both the laptop and your phone at the same time. This way when you step away from your laptop, you are still connected to the remote device with your phone.

    If you do not have the ability to start multiple sessions, then I would recommend when you are stepping away from your laptop, end that session and connect from your phone.

    I will submit this option as a feature request to our development team for you!

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    Often times when I need to do this, I will remote from my phone to my computer, then from my computer to my customer. Unfortunately I beleave this uses two TV licesenses. Which may be an issue for some.

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