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Blizz on Linux

Hello, I know the previous TeamViewer versions can be installed on a Linux OS, but I couldn't find the download link for Linux on the Blizz website. Is that coming out, or there is any other solution? I use Elementary OS. Thanks!


  • Hi, there is no Blizz version for Linux and currently there are no plans for it.

  • Regarding rising HomeOffice/remote demand due to Corona outbreak (limited/experimental) Linux support would be really nice.

  • MichaelV
    MichaelV Posts: 2

    Hi, are there still no plans to provide an option for linux users? I thought that I could use the Blizz web client on linux but now I found a post that it is discontinued.
    Could the TeamViewer application for linux be extended to support Blizz meetings?

  • I do also have a demand for a opportunity to use Blizz on Linux. I don't mind whether it's Web Client, Linux native client or Blizz running with WINE.

    But having no opportunity on Linux will lead me to dismiss Blizz and search for an alternativ.

    Best Regards

  • J_W
    J_W Posts: 5 ✭✭

    That's a pity.

    So we have to keep looking for other products to switch to in the future, even if we're otherwise happy with Blizz.

    Thank you for your response anyhow.

  • ctroidl
    ctroidl Posts: 1

    I would also recommend Blizz for Linux!!! or is it possible to intregrate a blizz session into the teamviewer available for Linux