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Quick support module

Quick support custom module used to allow a password to be saved.  Now the client has to click on Allow when the connection is initiated.  What happened to that feature?  Sometimes the client steps away before I initiate the connectionand now I have to wait till they are back at their desk.

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  • bluedepth
    bluedepth Posts: 2

    I'm glad I found this article. I thought I was losing my marbles! We were dragged into TeamViewer v13 from v11 and v10 for the two of us in IT against our better judgement and suddenly I am getting all these strange emails from TeamViewer, my coworkers are confused as to why there is a change and what do they do now. Turns out, it was a stray setting in the QS settings, "Automatically add userrs to a group in your contact list" which doesn't really describe that it changes the function of the entire program, like it does. 

    Everything is fine, we'll get a new normal again after the upset of TeamViewer 13, and we'll learn to tolerate it like we did previous versions. Ah, TeamViewer, always a challenge. LOL.

  • desko
    desko Posts: 2

    My company use to install Quick Support module on customer pc; We use a custom version, with our logo and a static password.

    It usually works fine, but at some customer it happens that customization doesn't work: no logo and no static password, so I have to ask to customer to read me dinamic password.

    I suppose it is due to network setting at the my customer site; maybe I have to ask him to remove a firewall, or to set a port inside the router, but I don't know.
    Can you help me, please?

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