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New features of TeamViewer IoT showcases at Embedded World Expo 2019

Esther Posts: 4,089 Former Community Manager

Hi all,

TeamViewer IoT goes into the next round!

We are exhibiting at Embedded World Expo 2019 in Nuremberg starting tomorrow (February 26th - 28th), where we are going to showcase the newest features of TeamViewer IoT.

Visit us in Hall 4, Booth 159.

These are the new features we are going to present in Nuremberg:

Remote Screen Grabbing

With Remote Screen Grabbing TeamViewer completes the access possibilities to devices. While it was already possible to access user interfaces of non-screen devices, users can now instantly establish a remote connection to a device anywhere in the world and connect to screens and displays to access user interfaces (GUIs). This way, users can remotely operate machines and devices as if they were standing right in front of them.

Extension of the cloud rule engine

With TeamViewer IoT, users can automate their environment, set alerts and triggers, monitor performance issues and immediately react to any errors that occur on the monitored device. Users can create custom rules and smart triggers, visualize sensor data, and monitor their devices all from one IoT console. With the latest update, users can now also create conditional rules that apply to multiple devices and metrics and get rule-based alarms, set different severity levels as well as notifications with webhooks to trigger further actions (e.g. creation of a ticket in a third-party ticketing system).

Remote edge monitoring and control in real time

Users have now the option and flexibility to command and control devices, machines, and sensors directly on the Edge in addition to passing data through the cloud. Just a few clicks and the machine responds in real time. Additional benefits include:

  • The TeamViewer IoT Edge Device Management Application provides users with real-time
    visualization of data on the user’s IoT device.
  • Customers can feed their own data and sensors into the IoT network thanks to the TeamViewer IoT agent, which includes an MQTT API and an SDK.
  • A rule engine that runs on the edge device, which enables real-time actions to be triggered on the IoT device or data aggregation to minimize data upload to the cloud.


To learn more about these features, visit TeamViewer in Hall 4, Booth 159 at Embedded World Expo 2019 in Nuremberg and see how well TeamViewer IoT’s monitoring and control capabilities work together in live demonstrations:

  • Connect to devices thousands of miles away and monitor a coffee machine retrofitted with sensors or steer a remote-controlled car through a racetrack in real-time
  • Take a look at a prototype, co-developed by National Instruments and TeamViewer, showcasing the integrated TeamViewer IoT solution through a smart, connected and secure water pump unit
  • Take a sneak peek at the “TeamViewer IoT Starter Kit”, a ready-to-go, professional plug-and-play kit which enables users to get started with their very own end-to-end industrial IoT solution out-of-the-box in a matter of moments

Cross-platform compatibility, security, and ease of use make TeamViewer IoT one of the best-in-breed solutions on the market. Users can connect their device from anywhere by clicking “connect to device” and can get started within minutes - without having to set up complicated VPNs. The functionality of TeamViewer IoT and its cost-effective implementation has already won over renowned partners such as PTC ThingWorx, Vodafone, and Dell.

Thanks and all the best, Esther

Former Community Manager