Automatic assignation with deploy for users created by AD

Hi Guys.

Please note i read all manuals regarding mass deployment and ad connector but i cant resolve one more thing.

First thing's first..

  1. I have created all users with AD connector, without problems. (there is any way to disable sending email when is created the user?)
  2. Created a customized host, no problems.
  3. After that i created a .bat file for deploy of TV host with automatic assignation to a group and also creating an alias for the pc's %computername% using apitoken and custom config.
  4. I did not have problems installing the host, however after installing the host was assigned to my account but i need to be assigned to the account of the user (created with the ad connector), do you know if there is any way to do that?

I researched a lot, however i did not found someone wiht the same problem..

Thanks a lot!