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Teamviewer 14 swaps sessions automatically

I've noticed in the last couple of updates of TeamViewer that when I have multiple sessions they will swap automatically when something new happens in one of them. Let me explain. I use TeamViewer to help manage client computers. When I have to do large updates, I open 3 or 4 different computers at the same time, creating 3 or 4 seperate TeamViewer sessions. So now that I have four sessions open, I begin to log in to each station, which of course means I type in user name and password and click OK. I move to the next session and begin keying in the user info, but because the first session I already logged into now transitions into the Windows desktop, it automatically takes priority over the session I'm working in and pulls itself out front. That means, that if I'm in the middle of inputting a password on session 2 I'll lose my place and have to go back to session 2 and start again. This becomes even more frustrating if say a Java or Malwarebytes update is available or a piece of software autoloads because no matter how many times I go back to session 2, I can't do anything until all action on session 1 is finished. 

Is there some way to disable this? I just want each session to finish doing what I asked it to and wait until I return. I don't need the "courtesy" of the session popping up and screaming "look at what I did". Thanks folks. 

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