teamviewer suddenly stop connecting showing “not ready”, but restarting daemon do the trick

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I have some computers running Ubuntu 14.04 and Teamviewer 11 which I remotely control. Sometimes happens that they go offline in my teamviewer account, but they can still connect to the internet. They presents the error "not ready, check your connection". I can solve this problem reaching another computer in the same network and restarting their teamviewer daemon and teamviewer application via ssh. How can I solve this problem? It happens sometimes also with my computer (Ubuntu 16.04.02 + Teamviewer 12). Is there any way to check if teamviewer is connected or not and in that case restart the daemon with a script? Or something smarter to solve my problem? If all the computer in the same network have this problem, there is nothing I can do!


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    Dear Rok,

    Thank you for your post.

    To be able to understand, when you mention: "Sometimes happens that they go offline in my TeamViewer account". do they close the TeamViewer application?

    Is the remote user closing the TeamViewer application?

    TeamViewer should be running all the time to be able to connect.

    That's why you're getting this messages remotely.

    A good practice is set the option start TeamViewer with the system. 

    That will keep TeamViewer GUI in the system tray and if you're using lightdm as your display manager you will be able to connect before login prompt.

    Hope this answer your question.

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