Remote sessions getting disconnected in under 60 mins

Since updating to the newest version 12.0.75813 of Teamviewer recently I'm constantly getting forcibly disconnected from my remote sessions in under an hours time after connecting.  The sessions usually last for 3 hours before needing to be reconnected.  Is this a known bug or something else going on here?


  • PhantomF
    PhantomF Posts: 14

    I found this in the client logs of the device i'm remoted into right before it's disconnected:

    'CMainWindow::TrackIdleTime(): System goes idle. (IdleTime=354621)'

    It would seem when I leave the session idle for too long it disconnects forcibly.  This was never an issue before the recent update.  I checked the advanced option in Teamviewer for 'Timing out inactive session' and it is set to 'off'  I assume this is a bug or just more limitation placed on free license users?


  • PhantomF
    PhantomF Posts: 14

    After further investigation there is nothing in the client log on the remote host that correlates to the random disconnects.  However in the clinet logs of the device I'm remoting from I get this log entry when it closes:

    'Connection closed by user'

    Which isnt the case I didnt do anything to initiate killing the connection.

  • Has anyone tried installing a previous version and working with it? You can install almost any .APK previous versions from Aptoide.