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Num Lock

When I remote into my computer at work, from home, the 10 Key pad doesn't work and the Num Lock key is on.  It has always worked, but recently it  stopped working.  The 10 key pad works on the remote computer, but not through Teamviewer.  Is there a option I should select to use my 10 key pad?


  • Same here, as well as the "Different keyboard languages". Unfortunately I only find workarounds in here, such as re-connecting. Teamviewer developers were not able to fix this error since years now. Very poor support.

  • pkcx
    pkcx Posts: 1

    a special button in the Teamviewer menu would be better,
    does not exist, so I have a simple solution:
    Ctrl + Win + O -> at remote computer
    (view NumLock, is at KB menu)
    and switching vice versa...
    or any script with Run: osk
    that is all :-)

  • roykgraves
    roykgraves Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Thank you.  That worked for me.  Once I was able to turn off the Num Lock on the host PC I was able to enter numbers using my keypad.

  • MichaelH2O
    MichaelH2O Posts: 1

    Or freeware software Keyboard LEDs (installed on the host), show in tray status Caps, Num, Scroll lock and popup menu Switch.

  • This worked for me.  

    Many thanks

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