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cannot get more than 1280x800 resolution

I am using teamviwer 14 against a windows 2016 server. My server is screen resolution 3840x2160 but my teamviwer client will only go to 1280x800. which means that some windows go 'offscreen' making may tasks impossible. If i scale the teamviewer the window becomes too small.

Windows Remote desktop works fine but I need to be able to use teamviewer.



  • ChevyNovaLN
    ChevyNovaLN Posts: 6 ✭✭

    I don't have a recommendation, but I do want to clarify.  You do or do not have a monitor hooked to your 2016 Server?    That's of course assuming it's a physical server.     Or are you dealing with a VM?


  • RMFH
    RMFH Posts: 3



    It's a VM. (VMware)



  • ChevyNovaLN
    ChevyNovaLN Posts: 6 ✭✭

    I seem to remember there being some odd issues with resolution on VMs within VMware ESX/ESXi and that was related to video memory being assigned to the VM.   Though that had nothing at all to do with TeamViewer, it's the first thing I check when i have limited resolution.   Can you confirm you have at least 10mb of video memory assigned to the VM?  

    Is the issue with 1280x800 only with Teamviewer? I assume if you open the console on the VM using vCenter or VMWare Player (not sure what you have) you are getting a higher resolution?  


  • Correct, you need to up the video memory in VMWare, I did it to 20 mb and now have every res under the sun aviliable.



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