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Teamviewer 14 (Linux) and HiDPI

I've just finished doing some checks about Team Viewer 14 (TV14) Linux version and HiDPI.

Version 14 is different, compared to previous version. In version 14 the app is using QT for GUI and it also adhere to QT Strings to override configuration, so if you have a 4K screen for example and you run TV14 without any parameters, it will try to scale up to the system's scaling settings, which will show a weird GUI to the point of uselessness.

What can be done? You can scale it to 1.0 to 2.0 by editing the file /opt/teamviewer/tv_bin/script/tvw_config (as root) and add at the bottom of the file the following line:


Save and exit. When launching Teamviewer - you'll get it at twice the size. You can change the 2 to 1 to get it at the correct (small) size.

The missing thing that is needed - is that the dev team of Teamviewer change the GUI code to HiDPI and dynamic scaling, as explained by Trolltech here.

Hope it helps.


  • ack0329
    ack0329 Posts: 40

    Yep still useless in 4K at least with Linux.

    I had to go back to 1080p, and install it after being so fed up with it. And I  had deleted it for a year.

    But a friend needed help in Germany ... so back to 1080p it was and it worked fine.


    But specific to the Topic ... You can see a post where I told people how to scale it somewhere in, and by editing, its actual settings File.  Awkward AT BEST.  But, even scaling it this way only works for a small portion of Teamviewer's "Elements"!

    So ... SADLY ... USELESS in 4K and Linux at this point of writing.

    Teamviewer has in the past kept up with technology quite well. (it is a web based tech app ... so one would expect it)

    At ?> $1,000.OO US for a paid licence ... one would expect they would.  But, I digress.

    (Updated ... $700 / year single "Business" licence $2,500 / Year Business Group)... And no Private Licence Option as we all know.

    Thank you just the same Teamviewer!

    (other than Teamviewer OFTEN Freezing ... as it is an unpaid ... FREE version), but what can I do ... it is FREE!  And thank you for that Teamviewer!

  • (In Ubuntu 18.04-3

    So after many months / Years (1 or 2), TV has been sadly pathetic with Scaling to 4K.

    And can one even imagine why when a German 4,000 employee TViewer Company, can't handle this "Scaling Issue" when ironically ... 

    ... one of the main functions of TViewer has always been SCALING one Partners" Computer to one's own.

    So enough of my complaining this solution that DID not work COMPLETELY, ... but now, it is seemingly working fine in Ubuntu with 4K (before the window got scaled but fonts were still PUNY).

    Now the Window is scaled along with ALL FONTS ... Thank You, Teamviewer.

    Again I will add what did NOT work well a month ago but SEEMS to work well now.

    SImply (if you're used to the terminal),

    Small Font in Client with Nvidia (4K)


    $ sudo gedit /usr/bin/teamviewer


    And added the line 'export QT_SCALE_FACTOR=1.33' to the beginning of  this /usr/bin/teamviewer file

    or one can use another number,

    ex. 'export QT_SCALE_FACTOR=2.00' (or larger 2.00 works well with mine)

    'export QT_SCALE_FACTOR=2.00' (or larger 2.00 works well with mine)

    I hope this helps, Mark

  • Nope TeamViewer "Decided" NOT to work again in 4K,

    It was working fine

    But now the scaling has reverted back to NOT WORKING AT ALL!

    AND I KNOW IT CAN WORK as it has been fine i4K,



  • Unbelievable TeamViewer


    And trying to help AGAIN!


    So SAD!

    And this is NOT conspiracy theory ... IT WAS WORKING FINE

    ALL Elements were finally scaling fine in hiDPI "4K"

    For the last month across a number of reboots ... but now NO!


    Thanks for being difficult TeamViewer ... We know it can WORK!

  • Restarted again and NO JOY


    Why TeamViewer!?


    It is NOT an issue with MY COMPUTER or UBUNTU ... it IS TEAMVIEWER!



    And If it was NOT so typical I would think I am crazy ....


    But it is EVEN TYPICAL of this 400 Person Team in Germany!

    Of course "They" CAN scale it ... they choose NOT TOO!

    Now back to uninstalling TeamViewer,


    Don't Worry TV ... It is clear yo don't care about "Personal" Users ...

    and no you would not get a cent out of me unless I was using it professionally .... but why would I if you can't even scale IT!



  • And They even have the audacity to give me a Kudos Badge!


    • 23 Posts Created
    • 19 Kudos received

    and still playing games with my scaling!!!!

  • ack0329
    ack0329 Posts: 40

    For the record

    Teamviewer is LOOKING better than ever in Ubuntu AND with a 4K HiDPI screen ...

    ... than EVER!


    All elements are now scaling!

  • ack0329
    ack0329 Posts: 40

    I just want to be clear


    UBUNTU and 4K LOOKS GREAT ...with

    1/ Scaling 4K

    2/ Outside Window

    3/ Ellements within the window ... FINALLY!

    4/ and hopefully with dependability (this time), and not just for a week or two! as has been the case for a couple of years ... just saying

  • ack0329
    ack0329 Posts: 40

    You said thank you so you are very \ welcome

  • ack0329
    ack0329 Posts: 40

    Yep Updated and still great with Ubuntu and 4K Awesome

  • ack0329
    ack0329 Posts: 40

    Bad news - here we go again ... restarted Teamviewer and now (after upgrading to lateswt Teamviewer ... fonts of my contacts awkwardlky small again in HiDPI / 4K


    Oh Well ... rollercoaster again! - I am so fed UP!

  • I just want to add!


    Teamviewer has been working great for amost a year in Linux / Ubuntu ... with HiDPI / 4K and proper scaling!

    This ended today but after restart and using this message woohoo it is scaling again!

  • Teamviewer 15.12.4 debian for Ubuntu/Linux is scaling perfectly after a reboot.

    HiDPI/4K perhaps the TViewer bot was playing games again LOL


    Thank you treamviewer!

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