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TeamViewer 14 in Windows XP

Team Viewer programm has worked without problems on my computer with Widows XP for years. Now, with the advent of Team Viewer 14, it gave me a lot of conection issues untill it refused to connect anymore. Of course, I tried the procedure Help-Check for new version, but I got the message " An error occured while updating TeamViewer..." The older version, TeamViewer 11.0.63017 refuses to work when the remote is demanded from other computers. I have tried to install separately TeamViewer 14, but I got an error message regarding kernel32.dll. Does anyone know if and how this issue can be solved in Windows XP?

I consider this a crucial problem. Many academics in science possess software for instruments which do not work with superior edition of Windows. These sofware programs control still valuable measurement instruments. If Team Viewer 14 can not be made compatible with Windows XP and, moreover, it becomes the only version allowed, this will forced many of us to find other solutions. It is not convinient, but we got no other choice. However, I am expecting to receive a fair support. Thank you for all you have done, however, we appreciate it.



  • glnz
    glnz Posts: 44

    Install Version 13 from

    and update your other machines' TVs to 13 also.

  • Chico
    Chico Posts: 4

    thank you for suggesting that we use an earlier version.

    HOWEVER, Teamviewer is force upgrading everyone to version 14 currently (i am now limited to a 5 minute connection time on each of the many XP systems i still need to administer).

    What does teamviewer propose as a solution? Must i go to your competition? Will you allow teamviewer V12 (reported in this thread as still fucntional in XP), an exemption from the V14 forced upgrade?

    almost 20% of worlds PC's still run windows XP. That's a lot of systems, surely teamviewer is not abandoning or stranding them, are they?


  • glnz
    glnz Posts: 44
    Did you try Version 13 from the link I posted directly above? It's still working on my XP machine and on my 7 and 10 machines. And, so far, I'm not seeing a forced upgrade. (Of course, that might change.)
  • We were also forced to update old version v5 install size 3 mb. v14 - install size 22 mb does not work. We work on old gear since we do not have money to buy new gear. And we can not change that we are not in rich Germany. Plus, we live in a VERY remote area.

    I tried v11 which is 11 mb install seems to mostly block our XP computer and we are unable to open normally bigger programs normally. Obviously, newer program is much bigger and much wrose programmed so it hugs too much resources of our XP computer.

    Any version exccept v14 now kills connection after 5 minutes and we can not connecte for several minutes again. Terrible. Why would we want to replace a 3 mb program doing everything we need with a 22 mb program which does not work at all?

  • glnz
    glnz Posts: 44

    All - TV 13 continues to work on my XP machine and my other machines that look at it - 7 and 10 (both Pro 64-bit).

    I am lucky not to see the 5 minute limits that you describe.  Maybe it's coming.

    I'll then find a competitor.  I know that Google Chrome has a free competitor to TV although it is not listed for XP.  There are others.

    But even I must now admit that staying on XP is too risky.  I was gertting security updates on XP through last month using the POS hack, but that also came to an end.  As much as I like XP, I have no choice but to move on.

  • I think Teamviewer 14 and 13 should be made compatibles,

    Please kindly consider the still existances of XP for old custom programming / limited hardware resources. 


  • Agree 100%  I am having the same issue.  I am trying to install 13 on an XP laptop but it won't work with my host with Teamviewer 14.  So annoying.  I cannot downgrade the host and all other computers to 13.  THEY NEED TO BE COMPATIBLE!

  • glnz
    glnz Posts: 44

    My XP machine now has TV version 14.2.8352, and my Win 10 Pro 64-bit machine has version 14.7.1965.  I have turned off automatic updates.  Yes, the two machines can see each other.

    However, I have been mostly using another company's free offer the last year.  Name starts with A.  Works very nicely.


  • We would like to announce that as of April 2019, TeamViewer will no longer be actively servicing Windows XPWindows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems

    from them which is mad as xp is a staple for industrial products

  • Bridgeways
    Bridgeways Posts: 1 Newbie

    Looks like they've stopped providing free access to XP machines. Not sure if subscription is good value.

  • JensWensing
    JensWensing Posts: 1

    We have the same issue here.

    Teamviewer is installed on customer CNC machines. The machines use partly XP and can´t be upgraded.

    For us Teamviewer is more or less unusable for the majority of installed machines.

    Considering 300k€-800k€ machines it is not possible to throw them out, just because a remote service software.

    We are now looking for alternatives.