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The purpose of our company licensing TV was because it provided cross platform meetings.  Our company provides services to companies that use many different platforms.  Every year we pay TV and becuase of Linux meetings, we are stuck on version 12.

So I am pleading with you........  at least provide a roadmap to when meeting functionality will be returned to Linux.  At least then our organization can make an informed decision whether to continue with TV or look for another product.


  • th3000
    th3000 Posts: 2

    Hello Teamviewer Guys,

    I'm in the same situation. It would be very nice if you tell us when? 

    No answer is an answer, but a very bad one! Why you are annoying your customers??



  • +1

    If Meetings is still missing by the time we have to decide about extending our abo, I think we will at least reduce it

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