Teamviewer 14.2.2558 service starts slow

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After upgrade to Teamviewer 14.2.2558 I've noticed that TeamViewer_Service.exe starts slower, about 10-20 seconds. And local network connection of my computer hangs out in this time. Will it be resolved in the very near future?

Thank you in advance.

My system is Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.



  • Plus
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    Same here, I firgured out latest version causes LAN and Wifi take long time to load

  • klebom
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    Same here. Teamviwer causes it to take about 2 minutes of delay after boot and login until network is available. I made the Teamviewer service start delayed as a workaround.

    Teamviewer 14.2.8352 on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1

  • Zahar
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    Hello! How did you do that?

    But I use function Wake-On-Lan, when my computer turned off. So, I think, I don't need delayed starts of TeamViewer service.

    What do you think about that?

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    The worst remote desktop software. They finally succeeded to destroy TeamViewer. WOL is only useful feature for me.

    Stubborn and stupid development team.

  • I have the same issue with TeamViewer 14.4.2669 on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, where I can already see my desktop upon startup, but the network connection and Windows antivirus takes another minute or two to start, and during this time it also prevents (delays) elevated Windows credentials popup.

    If I tried doing a shutdown before my network connection startup up correctly,  the shutdown process was also slow due to this issue.

    Changing TeamViewer 14 service startup type from "Automatic" to "Automatic (Delayed Start)" also fixed the issue for me.

  • Same here. Fresh installation of win7 pro sp1. after installing TV 14 LAN connection freezes for about a minute. after uninstall things go back to normal.

    is there no solution for this problem other then delayed start?

  • 14.6.4835 still buggy. Some more days and i'm done with it !

    The Update remove the delayed startup ! Why ? Why would you do such brainless things ?

    Every year you find something new to be worse that the previous one... We don't care about augmented $#!t, we want basic functionnality to work, that's what we pay for !

  • Zahar
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    Teamviewer 14.7.1965 - now it works good! Also I updated Avast Free Antivirus. This may be related.

  • klebom
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    This issue is resolved for me in Teamviewer 14.2.1965.

    Stellanm Klebom

    Teamviewer 14.7.1965 on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1


  • Confirmed, v14.7.1965 does finally solve it. We can have a break.