Blank screen or Fuzzy screen

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I've described my issue (with printscreen image and report) in the #2813949 ticket.

Since the update to the new version (12) I can'g give any kind of support to some customers because I cannot see the host screen (it's blank or fuzzy).

It's important. Please anser me.

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José Ferreira - InovaTeam


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  • mLipok
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    To solve this problem I use "Optimize for quality" or "Optimize for speed" button.

    This change current screen to proper quality.

    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
  • Not a good solution. The picture is a little bit better, but still at least a half of screen is not OK.

  • mLipok
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    With one case I had the same problem (my solution wont work), but after closing connection and opening again + using my solution this was succesfully fixed.

    To other members who confirm alredy by pressing "Me too": please confirm if my solution works or not in your case.

    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
  • Thanks for the answer but I'm afraid your suggestion it's not enough to solve the problem.
    With the v11 we don't have any problem...
    It's possible to downgrade?...