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Hallo I am new to the Community and use Teamviewer free version extensively in my hobby of radio astronomy. Well, thats probably turned everyone off -;) ... but please read on.

I run a number of radios called SDRs (or Software Define Radios) which plug into USBs on the PC and can be controlled on that PC.  To keep noise to a minimum to detect the small signals I have the PC remote from the source of much electrical noise - my house.  This is where Team Viewer is used - to remotely access the PC  via Wi-Fi and to make adjustments and settings to the SDRs.  I do not have a need for any audio signals to be sent either way over the link: the radio audio is streamed from the SDRs to an applictaion via Virtual Audio Cables (VACs) and the signal analysed and recorded on the PC. 

This has worked very well for a good number of years. Thank you TeamViewer for a great, free product.

Unfortunately the story doesn't end there. I have a problem that may or may not be TeamViewer related.  When I disconnect from TeamViewer from the remote PC, the signal I record on it becomes noisy.  The "noise" goes away when I reconnect.  As I said, I don't need to have any "audio" and have tried to turn off any TV controls that may infulence things.  I have checked the logs and I see that VoiP is still active.  Is there a way to turn this off? 

Any advice would be greatfully accepted here.  I amy be barking up the wrong tree with VoiP - if so please let me know.


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    I posted my introduction in the General Forum for TeamViewer but also included an issue I was having with "noise" on my system when I close TeamViewer.  Could someone please advise which category would be best for posting this problem?

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    Thanks for the response.
    I am hoping I have solved this rather complex  problem myself.  It relates to "unstable" SDR software and one of the downsides of running a PC headless.
    I had been conducting what I thought was a reboot by using the "white window icon" bottom LHS of desktop to reboot the system. The disconnection of Teamviewer and a flakey situation in the system must have resulted in the "noise" I thought I was seeing.
    Unknown to me this just logged me out and no reboot.  I  am not sure if this is windows of TeamViewer settings but I do know now that there is an Action button in TeamViewer that forces a reboot.
    Thanks for responding and apologies for bothering you but I was bereft of ideas and was try to cover all possibilities however unlikely.
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