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TeamViewer 14 Linux Client to MacOS Mojave 10.14 desktop, key issues

I use a Mac at home to do some development work using Jetbrains products. I just realized that if I connect from a Linux machine remotely using TeamViewer 14 to my Mac, that some keys like Backspace, Delete, Insert, Enter, etc. do not work. However, if I try from a Windows machine remotely to my Mac, these keys work fine. 

The Jetbrains app has a way to map the keys internally so I took a quick peek into that, and if I try to reemap one of the broken keys (in this case Backspace), when I press it and let the Jetbrains app detect it, all I got was the letter "A".

What makes this even weirder is that on other apps on the Mac some of these keys seem to work (backspace, for example works in iTerm2.) I'm finding it hard to narrow down if the issue is Linux TeamViewer or the Jetbrains app or a combination thereof. I also did a bit more testing and it looks like with VNC, this problem is not present. So it seems it may be an interaction of the Jetbrains product and TeamViewer for Linux.

If I connect to the MacOS machine from a Windows TeamViewer client, I do not have these issues.  Also, some keys, like the enter key, do not work in Chrome while other keys that do not work in the Jetbrains producs do work in Chrome.

Here is some background version information:

MacOS version: Mojave 10.14
MacOS TeamViewer Version: 14.2.2558

Windows Version: 10
Windows TeamViewer Version: 14.2.2558

Linux Distribution: CentOS 7
TeamViewer Package Type: RPM
Linux TeamViewer Version: 14.2.2558


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