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How to record a session on Macbook Pro

Hi all,

I hope you are well. I'm the new user of the community and started using teamviewer (free) on my Macbook Pro to control my phone remotely. The thing is that I couldn't even see the relavent menu details in the Extra tab of my TeamViewer. I was wondering if someone has had the same problem and could guide me about that. I've made a research on the community topics, but yet couldn't find a solution about that. 

Here is a screenshot from the menu. I don't know what is missing and why I'm not able to recod the session. If you could advice me, I'd be very grateful.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 16.52.02.png

PS: I have set up a virtual box in my mac and run win 10 on it, and after that I could see the expected menu details, but now wondering if teamViewer doesn't support this session recording feature.

All the best,