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Not ready. Please check your connection / Proxy?

I am getting this error in the last few days, both on my Desktop PC and Laptop, connected to same router, when I connect to a different WiFi network with the Laptop it seems to work.
What went wrong suddenly on my home network?
Tried everything, Ports, Firewall, Re-installing different version...Nothing works.
Any solution?



  • EstherEsther Posts: 2,967 Community Manager

    Hi Doron,

    maybe it is related to the issue discussed in this thread.

    Best, Esther

    Community Manager
  • DoronDoron Posts: 3

    Hi Esther
    I've read this, but there is no solution there to the problem. :/

  • olaviqsolaviqs Posts: 1

    I have this issue too what can I do 

  • I have the same problem. What's the solution?

  • abenaben Posts: 1

    I solved foollowing this:

    1.Disable windows firewall

    2. Go to control panel, go to firewall

    3.Go to advanced settings

    4.Under "Doman Profile" select "Windows Firewall Properties", this will open a new windows.

    5.On tab "Domain Profile", put firewall state to off.

    6.Accept the changes clicking ok on the windows.

    7.Open your team viewer and check all is working fine.

    8.Put the "firewall state" to On againg.

    9.Put your firewall to on, see if theam viewer is still working fine.


    I am using windows 7 


  • Hi, no that did not solve it for me. This error seems to somehow be related to when my PC has been in sleep-mode and I have so far "solved" this by either:

    1. Rigth-click on TW icon and "exit" or ...

    2. Restarted my PC (that has so far always worked but ... not what one prefer is it ?)

    So the solution to this is then what?

  • _toly__toly_ Posts: 1

    I addede rules to my windows firewall and disabled my Norton Security 15min.

    Not sure why this worked or why I had to do it now after using TeamViewer every day for two months.

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