Silent/Unattended or otherwise low-input install?

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Hey all.

I have a corperate licence for teamveiwer 12 and have created a custom team viewer host installer.

This is going to be rolled out to a few diffrent machines right now and its no problem to install through the GUI, but in the future I'd like for this to be automated.

All rollouts/installs are idential, use the same installer, will all need to have Unattended access (with the same password) and they all have the same settings.

Given all the installs will be identical, how do I make this installs sans user-input?


  • Esther
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    Hi J0akes,

    Welcome to the TeamViewer Community. 

    I am wondering if my Blog article about silent host rollout will help you. There is also a Knowledge Base article about the topic.

    I hope, this helps you.

    Best, Esther

    Former Community Manager

  • J0akes
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    So wait, I have to first run the Teamviewer setup, using the gui, and then this assignment tool? On all devices....that's not what I want. That's the opposite of what I want. Thats more steps.

    I need to install the custom team veiwer host file with minimal clicking/typing.

  • Nfoster
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    Silent install or otherwise one-click automation is completely broken in version 12.x I have spent the last two months tring to do this with no success. The asigment tool completely unnessacry and thus makes it nearly impossbile to deploy without some very heavy scripting.

    I feel that TeamViewer develpoers are passing this on to the concumers.