Don't received mail with reset password process

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I have a user who try to reset his password. But he don't received the mail .

We have verify everywhere (anti-spam, junk ) and we never see a mail from teamviewer. 

Can you help us please because we need to join this account to our company. 

This is the mail : [personal information removed]





  • Jonathan
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    HI EPI,

    Thanks for your post!

    Sorry you are having trouble with the the user account not receiving the password reset emails.

    Please contact your local TeamViewer support center via telephone or ticket so we can determine why the mails are not being sent/received.

    All the best,


  • lordrod
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    I have the same issue. When I contact my local support in Poland they're saying that they do not support private users and asked me to find solution on community site.. I tried to access my account from different machines and seems to locked from Active Directory. When I'm requesting for password reset threw webpage I do not recieve any e-mails regarding this ( tried many times, check all the folders - spam too) . YOU HAVE TO SUPPORT PRIVATE USERS IN CASES LIKE THAT!  WHERE CAN I RAISE A TICKET FOR THAT ISSUE?