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Teamviewer 14 - Windows Server 2016


I have three questions about how to deal with Teamviewer within the Windows Server 2016 in Terminal Server mode.

1 - How can I apply a policy to all users within the RDP server?, I mean, the server itself has an ID, but when I connect to that ID I only get a black screen. I don't really care because we don't use that ID for anything, but is it possible to apply a policy to that ID and then the policy gets applied to all the ID's within that server?

2 - In case the 1st question is negative, what happens to the Teamviewer ID from an user within a RDP server if that user data profile folder gets deleted through the windows wizard profile manager? when you login again with that user and the data folder is recreated, you get a different ID or it keeps the same one?

3 - The last one is the most trickiest one. I need to configure a scene where two the local domain user and RDP user have Teamviewer, but only the local Teamviewer can accept incoming connections. The RDP Teamviewer only should accept outgoing connections, to avoid people within RDP server connect to other users within the RDP server, thus avoid people connect to the RDP server directly from anywhere as well. I want them to go through the local Teamviewer always, then login into their RDP user and then use Teamviewer to connect to their customers. My concern is that I need to know if I can make a general policy affecting all the users within the RDP server, because it's a very awkward thing to have to go ID by ID, and everytime a new user is created I have to add that ID. What is the best way to accomplish this?

Thanks for the help!

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